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Comments about Denim 8 Gore Skirt: I have ordered this skirt for years. The color is perfect, and the length is perfect! However, it seems like the elastic around the

Difficulty: Step 1. The key to a great pencil skirt is fit. To get a good fit you need good measurements. First, you need to decide if you want the skirt to go all

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How to Make a Poodle Skirt Without a Pattern and With Minimal Sewing. Poodle skirts don’t have to be a two week project with this easy formula. A poodle skirt has a

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The flirty skirty is a 10 gored skirt pattern. You’ll love to twirl in this skirt, it’s so full of movement. Quick and easy to sew pattern with 1 piece.

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Learn how to make this simple elastic band skirt – the fastest skirt ever!

That is just the cutest skirt, and I like baby’s skirt too! You will like this: So I was wandering around blogland, feeling a bit bored and looking for something

A simple skirt tapers from a not too bunchy elastic waist to a nice full skirt. In a variety of solid and

How to Make a Full Belly Dance Skirt. These are instructions for making one of those dreamy, endless skirts— no matter how much you pull, tuck, turn, or whip ’em

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Making a Gored Kirtle Pattern The gored kirtle I wear beneath my flemish gown is based roughly on the loose kirtle, dated to c. 1570-1580, described in Janet Arnold’s

Rated 3 out of 5 by sher27 Pretty but boxy While the fabric and color of this skirt are lovely, the cut is a bit boxy. The velvety texture makes it cling to tops and

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